Arena Devices

The standard system consists of two loading docks (Energisers) two head quarters (Bases) and a scoreboard showing both team colours. Data is then transmitted to the central computer, which collates information ready for the score printouts.

Energiseing the phasar allows you to play the game and send information to the computer.

By targeting the bases you can score extra points for yourself and your team. Be careful as the base can shoot you back!!

The scoreboard is a visual display of the team scores and time remaining of the game.

The network carries data to the central computer.

Computer, Printer and Software
As part of the package we supply a computer, printer, keyboard and mouse, provided with the latest Quasar software.

Charging System
This unit provides an overnight charge allowing your phasars to operate all day, even in the most demanding venues.

Score paper
Box of 5000 sheets of score paper is provided free of charge with every purchase.


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