Quasar Elite is our 6th generation laser tag system. Sleek, modern and durable our latest phaser is recognized world wide as a brand leader, the Quasar equipment is a triumph of technology and computer science. It can be played by up to 60 people and there are no complex rules. The phaser itself is rugged and robust and houses a myriad of complex technologies. Inside is a class 1 laser, safest of all lasers, which produces a harmless and visually stunning red beam. The gun also features an integrated voice synthesiser which keeps you updated on the states of the game.

Body Armour

The chest pack has an led display which clearly identifies when you have been tagged accompanied by a trembler to give you a physical sensation of being shot. The jacket is highly durable and resistant to unpleasant body odours. and is fully adjustable for children and adult.

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